"Zoe's Workshop" — Short Story #6.5 in the series. It features Zoe Elena Haziz, Sara Haziz, and Deacon. This story first appeared in Nalini Singh's Newsletter. Sara, and Deacon are also co-leads in the short story "Angels' Judgment".


Introduction Edit

"Zoe's Workshop" is a little slice-of-life peek int the family life of Sara Haziz, [[[Deacon]] and their pre-schooler Zoe Elena Haziz. This Short story is more like a vignette and it's about the size of an epilogue or an outtake. It takes place after the War of Life and Death in New York City in Archangel's Legion.

Before you Start! Edit

Spoiler Warning: This short is set after Archangel’s Legion (Guild Hunter #6), and contains spoilers for that book, so if you haven’t yet read it, save this story to read afterward.

“Zoe’s Workshop” is part of my ongoing series of shorts about the everyday lives of my characters, away from the darkness and intensity of the main storylines. I love visiting with them, and I hope you do, too. :-)

Synopsis Edit

Sara Haziz wakes up to find the other side of the be empty and has flash of panic elicited by the recent war in New York between two Archangels but envoling humans, Hunters, and vampires on the ground as well. The she smell the coffee and follows the scent. She finds her husband Deacon in the basement workshop. Zoe pretends to build Hunter tools like her dad. They live in two brownstones that they joined together to make one house. They spend a pleasant morning together watching Zoe and Slayer in the workshop—then going up to breakfast.


Characters: Edit

  • Sara: former hunter, now Guild Director.
  • Deacon: formerly a hunter charged with bringing down rogue hunters, now weapons-maker to mortals and immortals both.
  • Zoe Elena Haziz: Sara and Deacon’s daughter.
  • Slayer:

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