Aeclari — First mentioned i Archangel's Legion.

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The Aeclari is a kind of warrior angel who wields the power of earth, of life—Raphael is one. The Legion come to his aide, guard him, his consort and NYC because because he is one. They were summoned by Raphael and Elena's joint power during the War of Life and Death and serve them both.

NOTE: This is a description, not a definition. The exact meaning of an Aeclari is till unknown and is a mystery that is part of the overarching storyline of the series. The author is not revealing anything saying that readers have to wait to find out—along with Elena Deveraux.

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  • angel

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  • warrior angel who wields the power of earth, of life

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This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

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“You can only serve a warrior,” he said, and it was no question because he felt the rightness of it in his gut. Raphael had been a warrior in one guise or another throughout his existence, from a stripling in Titus’s army long ago, to fighting side by side with his own forces in the war past.

The Primary paused. “Yes,” he responded at last, in that totally flat tone devoid of emotion. “A warrior who is attuned to the power of which we are formed—of the earth, of life. But the warrior must also be aeclari.” His eyes flicked to Elena, giving Raphael the first glimmer of what that term actually meant. “And it must be the time.”

“We’ll stop her,” Elena said, then shot him an unexpected smile. “We’re aeclari, after all.”

“It’ll be most intriguing to ascertain the exact meaning of that term.” Though Raphael was in no doubt it had to do with the heartbond that tied him to his hunter.

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