Andreas — First appears in Angels' Blood

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Andreas is an Angelic commander who runs one of Raphael’s territories. He controls the punishment of the vampires who attacked Honor St. Nicholas.[1] He is also the maker and contract holder of Harrison Ling.[2]

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  • commander

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  • aristocratic looking
  • wings a dark amber streaked with gray

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  • Family:
  • Spouse/Mate:
  • Contracted Made: Harrison Ling
  • Second-in-command:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:

Other DetailsEdit

  • This is the angel that Elena returned Harrison Ling to when she hunted him and brought him in—to save his life.

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If you want to avoid spoilers, think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" for books you have not read yet. Please use book References.

1. Angels' BloodEdit

Harrison Ling says he's had a lot of "talks" with him Elena returned Harry to him. He accuse her of not having any family loyalty. She did it because the next hunter would have order to kill him. [2]

4. Archangel's Blade Edit

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Book References Edit

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