Angel Wars (Historic) — First mentioned in Archangel's Kiss.

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The Angel Wars is a historical event. There was war between factions of Archangels that happened a long time ago. Angel children have to learn about them in the Refuge School taught by Jessamy.[1]

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  • Textbook says they began because of a dispute over territory.[1]
  • Illium says they began with a woman—Raphael affirmed that.[1]

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  • The textbook is whitewashed version for our children.[1]

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This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

1. Archangel's Kiss Edit

in the Secret GardenElena reads about the Angel Wars from a text book that Jessamy gave her to read. The book says they started over territory. Illium says they began with a woman—Raphael affirmed that.[1]

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"It says here that the Archangel Wars began because of a dispute over territory." ... "That's the whitewashed version for our children. The truth, as always, is far more human. It all began with a woman." — Elena, Illium [1]

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