Bill James — mentioned in "Angels' Judgmemt"

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Bill James was a Guild Hunter turned serial killer of small children—savaging them with an inhumanity. He is one of the reasons there is always a Slayer.[1]

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Sara's perspective: Bill was Sara's friend and Elena Deveraux's mentor-turn-friend. Something snapped in him and he began to savagely kill children. Elena and Sara went out on the case together since The Slayer (Deacon at the time) was out of the country. Sara was determined to do the gut-wrenching task. But Bill had attacked her with a tire iron in an ambush that knocked her unconscious before she hit the ground. Elena had to be the one to kill Bill with a knife. Ellie had said afterward that Bill looked at her as if she had betrayed him.[2]

Elena's perspective: Four years ago, there was a rash of killings on the banks of the Mississippi. Young boys strangled; their eyes removed. Sara was badly injured and Ransom was too far away. Bill was about to kill a terrified young boy. So Elena stabbed him through the heart. She didn't have time to go for her gun. There was so much blood everywhere. There was a look of betrayal in Bill's eyes. [3]

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  • serial killer

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0.5. "Angels' Judgmemt" Edit

Sara and Deacon talk about a past case—Bill James—a hunter who killed children in a killing spree, and how she and Elena had to kill him. Deacon says it was “sheer bad luck”, he was on the other side of the world.[2] Elena tells Raphael the story to demonstrate that she understands that if Holly Chang become a monster, she needs to die.[3]

2. Archangel's KissEdit

Bill was the hunter who'd butchered a string of young boys before Elena had ended his life. hHe did what he did because of a mental illness that eroded the soul of the man he was. Elena compares it to what they did toSam—this was a calculated act.[4]

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He looked at me as if I’d betrayed him, Ellie had said afterward, her face splattered with Bill’s lifeblood. I know he had to die, but I can’t stop thinking that he was right. His blood was so hot.[2]

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