Black Rain — First mentioned in ________.

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Black Rain is Lijuan's new weapon gained from the Cascade. Anyone she hits with it turns to black ash.

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  • It looks like sleek black knives raining down.

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This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

6. Archangel's Legion Edit

7. Archangel's Shadows Edit

8. Archangel's Enigma Edit

Lijuan aimed her Black Rain on Rohan's Palace, demolishing building and making a way for Xi and his troops to enter the stronghold. Once captured, and refusing to tell where Alexander was hiding (he didn't know)—she zapped Rohan with the Black Rain—turning him to a pile of ash.[1] While engaged in battle with the Wing Brotherhood at the Oasis, she used it against some of the sentinels, turning them to ash. When Alexander rose from the mountain, she zapped him with her Black Rain—his skin, hair, wings blacken—Alex falls.[2] When Raphael his Lijuan with his Wildfire, he could see the Black Rain fight back.[3]

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