Chaoxiang — First mentioned in Archangel's Enigma.

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Chaoxiang was Lijuan's mortal who she loved and who loved her. He was dark in appearance and laughed a lot. He called her “Beloved”. He had made her heart stir. But she saw him as her own living vulnerability. So, she killed him. Lijuan believes that day marked her true ascension, when she became invulnerable.[1]

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  • Mortal

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  • he’d laughed as much as Raphael’s blue-winged angel

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  • Chaoxiang had been as dark as Alexander was fair
  • His eyes danced

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  • His last word had been a whisper. “Lijuan.”

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1. Angels' Blood Edit

Lijuan tells Raphael that she had him killed because he made her feel human. She advises him to kill Elena for the same reason. [2] 

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Lijuan recalls killing him while in Rohan's palace seeking Alexander's place of Sleep. She's convinced that she is stronger than Alexander because of it. [1]

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"There are some humans-one among half a billion perhaps-who make us something other than what we are. The barriers fall, the fires ignite, and the minds merge." Lijuan to Raphael [2]

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