Deveraux Family — First appears in Angels' Blood.

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The Deveraux Family is Elena's family, headed by Jeffrey Deveraux. This can be considered a Hunter-born family since several carry the inborn ability—the strongest being Elena. The family includes two inter-species marriages: Elena and Archangel Raphael; plus Beth Deveraux and Vampire Harrison Ling. Jeffrey denies the hunter-born blood in him and has disowned his daughter and treated her miserably, in part, because of her very strong hunter-born blood. He blames her for her mother's death and the the death of her two older sisters at the hand of the serial-killing vampire Slater Patalis.

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  • Can trace their roots back so many years. [1]

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Jeffry's Six Daughters
Name Mother Spouse About
Mirabelle Deveraux, 1st Marguerite Deveraux n/a dancer, wild, fiery, affectionate, killed by Slater Patalis
Ariel Deveraux, 2nd Marguerite n/a sweet, bossy, took care of everyone; killed by Slater Patalis
Elena Deveraux, 3rd Marguerite Raphael Hunter-born, only Made angel ever; Archangel's Consort
Beth Deveraux, 4th Marguerite Harrison Ling high strung, spoiled, not viable to be Made
Amethyst Deveraux, 5th Gwendolyn Deveraux n/a "Amy”; age 13, devoted to Jeffrey; protective of Evelyn;
Evelyn Deveraux, 6th Gwendolyn n/a "Eve", age 10, Hunter-born, training against Jeffry's wishes; mentored by Elena

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The Rest of the Family
Name Mother Spouse About
Jeffrey Parker Deveraux Elizabeth Parker; Cecelia Deveraux Marguerite Deveraux, Gwendolyn Deveraux cold, disowned Elena, hunter born mother murdered, hunter-born, cruel to hunter born children
Marguerite Deveraux Moroccan Jeffrey Deveraux orphan, loving, killed herself after the murder of her two oldest girls,
Gwendolyn Deveraux n/a Jeffrey Deveraux stands up to Jeffrey for Eve; quiet but strong;
Elizabeth Parker name: Elena Jeffrey's mother; Hunter-born; killed by vampires—reason Jeffrey's violently against anyone in his family being a hunter; Elena's grandmother;
Cecelia Deveraux n/a raised Jeffrey Deveraux after the murder of his mother
Harrison Ling n/a Beth Deveraux Vampire, chose to be Made before he knew if his wife could be turned;
Raphael Caliane Elena Deveraux Archangel of NY and North America
Elena n/a n/a Elena Deveraux 's Great Grandmother, Moroccan

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  1. Angels' Blood, Book 1, ch. 27

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