Elena’s Guard

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As no small surprise to Elena, it seems that she is in need of her own guard as the Consort of the Archangel of New York and North America. The first member is Izak whose nickname is "Izzy". It haasn't yet activated—all future members are in training and taking classes with Jessamy. 

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  • Fitness training
  • Fight training
  • Etiquette classes 

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  • Izak:  Angel — young, severely injured in The Falling
  • Janvier: Vampire—will be part of Elena’s Guard
  • Ashwini: New Vampire—will be part of Elena’s Guard
  • Vivek: Vampire—eventually will become a member of Elena’s Guard

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  • Sameon, a very young angel-child and student at the Refuge, requested a position in Elena’s Guard when he is grown.

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6. Archangel's Legion Edit

7. Archangel's Shadows Edit

8. Archangel's Enigma Edit

Elena visits Izak at the infirmary in the Tower. He's working out too hard without a spotter. He's anxious to leave. Elena informs him that he has to study angel etiquette as part of his training for her guard—so as not to start a war with visiting Archangels over manners. Janvier and Ashwini will join him in the lessons. [1]

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