Erotique — First mentioned in Angels' Blood.

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Erotique is an invitation-only, vampire club. It's clientele are upscale vampires who want relax in the company of tutored humans to cater their needs according to what's acceptable or not to them.[1]

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  • Vampires
  • Humans

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  • Private and sexual entertainment

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  • Invitation only

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  • Dancers of Erotique are described as the geishas of the West.
  • Both male and female vampires
  • Holds little appeal to Angels.

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  • Illium frequents the place because of his

fascination for mortals [1]

  • Ransom and Illium know each other from the club. [2]
  • Ransom has sources there—he knows some of the dancers from having grown up on the streets.[2]

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1. Angels' Blood Edit

Illium had told Raphael that he has seen Geraldine dance at the club Erotique. This was after they found her badly injured by Uram.[1]

2. Archangel's KissEdit

Ransom Winterwolf tells Elena that one of the dancers heard the vamps are placing bets on her surviving a year—odds ninety-nine to one—Lijuan likes to feed her guests to her pets.[2]

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