Glamour — first mentioned in Angels' Blood.

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Glamour is the ability Archangels have to hide themselves from sight. It has to do with what makes an Archangel out of an Angel.[1] It's one of those angelic secrets not to be known to humans and guarded closely.[2] It's a gift that comes with age—Archangels are not born with it.[3]

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  • Ability to go invisible

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  • They can hold it as long as they need to. Older Archangels can hold the glamour close to indefinitely.[1]
  • Allows us to move hidden among the masses. [1]
  • Glamour came with an immunity to it by others. [4]

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  • Glamour takes some getting used to.[3]
  • Elena wondered if other archangels able to sense their brethren through the glamour.[4]

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This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

1. Angels' BloodEdit

Raphael demonstrated to Elena what glamour was when he went invisible in front of her. She could still feel he was there. He explained it's part of what makes an archangel out of an angel.[1] Since Raph had shown her Glamour, Elena was certain he'd have to kill her.[2] Raphael flies Elena to the first crimes scene and covers her with the Glamour as well as himself.[5] He flies her away from the scene other apartment. She says "I'm never going to get used to that." [3]

Uram had come on Michaela's and dropped his "gift" and then stood under her window cloaked in glamour while Michaela's guards remained clueless. Michaela admits that she still does not have glamour. Lijuan has no explanation why the glamour eludes Michaela. It puts her at a lethal disadvantage, because along with glamour came an immunity to it.[4] Glamour could be how Uram found out that Elena was hunting him.[6]

Quotes Edit

"Glamour. It allows us to move hidden among the masses. It's part of what makes an archangel out of an angel." — Raphael [1]
"I'm never going to get used to that." ... "I thought you liked flying." ... "Not that. The being-invisible thing." ... "The glamour does take some getting used to." Raphael and Elena [3]

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