Izak, aka "Izzy" — first appears in Archangel's Legion

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Izak is a young angel sent to the Tower to study under more experienced warriors. In the early days leading up to the War of Life and Death was badly injured in The Falling. Elena visits him regularly in the Tower hospital.

He is to be the first member Elena’s Guard by his own request.

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  • "Izzy"


Age Edit

  • hundred and seventeen years old

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  • Exceptional fighter for his age, but has much to learn

Occupation / Position / Title Edit

  • Training with Galen since childhood
  • Slated to be first in Elena’s Guard
  • Training with Dmitri and Illium
  • Other lessons, like etiquette, with Jessamy
  • Recovery of strength and wellness

Injuries in The FallingEdit

  • lost both legs at the upper thigh
  • broke most of the bones in his body
  • recovery will take many months

Characteristics / Traits Edit

  • seems young and innocent
  • completely devoted to Elena Deveraux

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • curly yellow hair, huge eyes

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  • She brought him cake and punch from her block party.[1]

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6. Archangel's Legion Edit

7. Archangel's Shadows Edit

8. Archangel's Enigma Edit

Elena visits Izak at the infirmary in the Tower. He's working out too hard without a spotter. He's anxious to leave. Elena informs him that he has to study angel etiquette with Jessamy as part of his training for her guard—so as not to start a war with visiting Archangels over manners. Janvier and Ashwini will join him in the lessons. [2]

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