Lijuan's Symbol — First seen in Archangel's Kiss.

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  • China

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  • Seal on Invitation
  • Medalion

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  • kneeling angel, his head bowed—Stat at it, it morphs into

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This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

1. Archangel's Kiss Edit

Elena see's it—a seal on the envelope for the invitation to Lijuan's Ball at the Forbidden City.[1] Elena find a medallion with the Symbol on it through trace of the Vampire Accomplice, who's body they discovered a few feet away.[2] Illium hands the medallion to Raphael who finds something in it—then says "This could've only been acquired through the death of one of Lijuan's men." [3]

Quotes Edit

The seal had been broken, but she could see the image once she lined up the edges. An angel. Of course, she thought, unable to stop staring at it. It was inked in black but why that should disturb her, she didn't know.[1]
"Oh Jesus." The whisper rippled out of her as she glimpsed the secret hidden within the image. It was an illusion, a trick. Looked at one way, the seal was a kneeling angel, his head bowed. But change your focus and that angel stared directly at you, his eye sockets empty, his bones bleached white.[1]
"Yes." She'd never forget that kneeling angel with a deaths-head face as long as she lived. "What kind of an archangel uses that as her personal symbol?" [2]
"The medallion that led us here." ... Taking it, Raphael traced the lines of the metal sphere as if searching for something. She knew he'd found it when his fingers went still. "This could've only been acquired through the death of one of Lijuan's men." [3]

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