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Mr. Ebose is a powerful Angel from Australia. He hired Elena Deveraux to bring in a rogue vampire. He deals with her through his surrogates and pays her a generous bonus for bringing him early. 

A Wing Brotherhood member acting as his surrogate hands her the envelope with her pay. Mr. Ebose had also arranged the first contact between Elena Deveraux and Raphael, the archangel of New York—to discuss a new assignment. [1]

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  • His power is centered in Sydney, Australia

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  • Old Jerry, a young vampire of no more than two years, was Mr. Ebose's favorite secretary. [1]

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1. Angels' Blood Edit

Elena Deveraux brings in a vampire named Jerry for Mr. Ebose. Jerry's punishment will likely be severe.[1] He gets mentioned by Elena in reference to the qualifications for humans being a candidate to become a vampire—because of Jerry being such an idiot.[2]

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