Nyree — First mentioned in Angels' Blood

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Nyree is a human and a Librarian. She is the girlfriend of Ransom Winterwolf, a guild Hunter. [1]

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  • Human

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  • Librarian

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  • just over five feet and curvy
  • light brown skin and huge brown eyes

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If you want to avoid spoilers, think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" for books you have not read yet. The purpose of this section is to be able to find things in the series. Please use Book References.

1. Angels' Blood Edit

Elena was sure she knew Ransom a lot better than Nyree did—because they were only friends and never crossed the line. Ransom didn't deal well with intimacy. He says she left him because he has commitment issues—can't understand why, he let her keep her girly stuff at his place. But if any and touches he'll break them.[1] Raphael goes to Ransom's apartment, their fighting. Raphael mistakenly thinks he with Elena. He grabs Ransom who calls out her name. She pelts him with objects—Raph puts her to sleep to talk to Ransom. When she woke up, she said a stream of cuss words.[2] Ransom is still with Nyree when Elena wakes up a year later. [3]

2. Archangel's KissEdit

3. Archangel's Consort Edit

Quotes Edit

"Wow, hell froze over while I wasn't looking. You care about her." — Elena [1]

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Book References Edit

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