Orios — First mentioned in "Angels’ Dance".

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Orios is the Weapon's Master in Titus' court. Orios has earned his position. Galen was Orios’s subordinate with no room for advancement and his powers were growing.

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  • better fighter and leader

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  • Titus Court — Southern Africa

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  • Orios has earned his position
  • Proudest of Galen as one of his students— he had "flown the highest"
  • never withheld knowledge from his student, no matter that Galen threatened his position. [1]

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • gleaming near-black skin

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This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

0.4. "Angels’ Dance" Edit

Orios was happy when Galen told him he was to leave Titus’s court. He felt the men were getting confused as to who was the leader. Galen had made certain Orios knew of his own respect toward the man who had never withheld knowledge. [1] Zaria tells Galen that he's content and proud as a father. [2]

Quotes Edit

“Orios was happy when I told him of my desire to leave Titus’s court.”[1]
"The men are becoming confused about who to look to for leadership,” the weapons-master had said, his near-black skin gleaming in the African sunlight. “It would have cost me should we have been forced to meet in combat to decide matters.” A big hand squeezing Galen’s shoulder. “I hope we never go against each other in battle. Of all my students, you are the one who has flown the highest.”[1]

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Book References Edit

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