Raphael's Refuge Residence

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It all sat at the very top of the stronghold, above the soaring central core. More living quarters spread out below, rooms for the Seven, other angels and vampires. But the top wing was private, Raphael's.[1]


  • Rooms outer wall were all glass—clear walls that brought the mountains inside.[1]
  • Bedroom, library, small office, living room, sophisticated computer station.
  • On display in the hallways: scimitar with ancient runes burned into the blade, a tapestry
  • Tapestry: angel silhouetted against the sun. Another angel rose up toward him, her hair a rippling fall of black down her back, her wings the purest white Elena had ever seen. The flying strands of her hair hid her face, until she, too, was a shadow. But the faces of the villagers as they writhed in agony . . . each had been woven in exquisite detail, down to the screaming horror in the eyes of a woman who stood trapped as flames licked at her skirts, began to blister the skin of her arm. [1]

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