Sending — First occurred in Angels' Blood.

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Sending is the ability to communicate over vast distance through the use of Archangelic power. Like glamour, its something only an archangel could do. But, it carried a heavy toll. [1]

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It starts off as "a hum in his blood, then a symphony, then a thundering crescendo that filled every one of his veins, stretching his tendons to breaking point and lighting him up from within. It was at that instant-before an internal implosion that could leave him stunned for hours-that he raised his hands and threw power at the wall in front of him. It buckled, then liquefied into a churning pool that reflected nothing in its ebony depths. Quickly, before the power could grow restless and seek to shove itself back into his body, he directed it into a searching pattern set to Lijuan. The swirling slowed, then stopped completely. The liquid smoothed over to black glass." [1]

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It came from the same root as their mental gifts, but it was far more potent, so potent it required a vessel to contain it. The walls of the Black Room served as that vessel. The surfaces could also be used.[1]


  • A room of pure black, sitting/standing in the dead center. The darkness a tool. The lack of stimulation amped up his awareness of that power to very high levels. [2]

Consequence / Side EffectEdit

  • The Quiet — for twelve hours afterward. [1]
  • He could shatter is mind if he didn't use an external vessel.[1]


  • Ability to communicate—to see and to talk at vast distances

Characteristics / Attributes Edit

  • The power came from within, but needed a vessel
  • It only the face and nothing else.[1]

Other DetailsEdit

  • Power was a drug and it didn't only corrupt, it destroyed. [1]

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This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

1. Angels' Blood Edit

Raphael does a Sending in a black room in his penthouse to communicate with Lijuan. [1]

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