Suhani — First mentioned in Angels' Blood

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Suhani is a Vampire the receptionist in the Tower lobby that greets Elena Deveraux at her first meeting at Archangel Tower with Raphael. Suhani has been expecting Elena.

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  • Very, very, very old vampire. [1]


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  • Elegant but sensitive vampire. [1]
  • Her smile was filled with old knowledge, with centuries of experience. [1]
  • She hides her vampirism, most people never guess. [1]
  • Has a a disconcertingly human grin. [1]
  • Suhani's expression slipped to reveal a cooler darkness. [1]
  • Full of professional courtesy and smiles.

Physical Description / Features Edit

  • Face and body of a well-maintained thirty-year-old. [1]

Other DetailsEdit

  • Knows the security code for the elevatory that goes up to Raphael. [1]
  • Watches Hunter's Prey on TV—thinks Hunters carry a big sword and have eyes that glow red. [1]
  • Elena could smell the fresh blood that she recently breakfasted on. [1]
  • She never sees Raphael—he never goes through the lobby, he flies.[1]
  • Her curvy desk is a polished jet stone that reflects like a mirror.[1]
  • Views Raphael with equal parts awe and fear. [1]

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1. Angels' BloodEdit

Greets Elena when she enter the Tower. She'd expected Elena to be scarier based on watching Hunter's Prey on TV. She is surprised that Elena guessed she is a vampire, most people never know. She shows her to the elevator that will take Elena to the roof where Raphael will meet her. [1]

Quotes Edit

"Do you see him often?" ... "No, why should I?" The receptionist gave her a puzzled smile. "He has no need to pass through the lobby. He can fly." — Elena and Suhani [1]

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