Tarek — First appears in Archangel's Enigma.

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Tarek is a Vampire and the Leader of the Wing Brotherhood—the sworn sentinels of Alexander's place of sleep. He is also the beloved leader of the Secret Village of trained civilian guardians. He serves Alexander devotedly and willingly with love for his sire.

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  • likely not “grandpapa” but great-grandpapa many times removed.[1]

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  • Near immortality, vampiric abilities


  • Unable to clearly see the threat to Alexander who he is supposed to protect.

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  • Crossbow

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  • was likely not “grandpapa” but great-grandpapa many times removed. [1]

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • tall and husky male vampire with tanned skin. [2]
  • hair hidden under the same kind of scarf as Naasir had noticed on several others. [2]
  • angular cheekbones and a dark stubble on his jaw. [1]
  • looked no older than his third decade. [1]
  • wore sand-colored camoflage shirt. [1]
  • Grim eyes. [1]

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8. Archangel's Enigma Edit

He and his troops try to stop or kill Naasir and Andromeda when they are caught near the village. They stop dead still when Xi's squadron flies over lured by the rumor of an insect swarm.[2] They all enter the village to for refreshment and talk.[2] Naasir and Andi are unable to convince him that Lijuan is a threat. Tarek mentions a man who saw a Chimera matching Naasir's description. Tarek sends them out with armed escort troop that tries to kill them outside the village. They escape careful not to hurt them.[1] After Naasir and Andromeda return from waking Alexander, they work together to prepare for Lijuan's attack. A scout reports to Tarek that Rohan had called in all his squadrons and ground troops prior to the attack. Xi and Rohan are at a stalemate.[3] They prepare the area with ground-to-air missiles an booby-traps. Lijuan arrives with air troops. Battle begins. Alexander Rises, hits Lijuan with she hits him with Black Rain—skin, hair, wings blacken—Alex falls.[4] Raphael hits Lijuan with Wildfire, she escapes with her troops. Raphael goes to help Alexander heal from the Black Rain and the fall.[5] He prepares the Village to receive Alexander. And, when Alexander comes down, he pays him homage.[6]

Quotes Edit

“Two hundred years ago, I ventured briefly to another part of the world and met a learned man. He told me there were rumors of a living legend, of a chimera with silver eyes who is not one but two, asked me if I knew the origins of it, for only Alexander and Osiris had eyes of true silver and both were gone from the world.” — Tarek to Naasir [1]

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