Tasha — first appearance in Archangel's Legion, also mentioned in Archangel's Enigma.

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Tasha is an angel who serves under Caliane. She is the daughter of Avi and Jelena and former playmate to Raphael as children.

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  • Gifted Warrior

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  • perfect pale skin, deep scarlet hair, almond-shaped vivid green eyes.
  • musical laughter and sparkling eyes
  • wings of silken copper

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Connections Edit

  • Father: Avi
  • Mother: Jelena
  • Spouse/Mate:
  • Childhood Friend: Raphael
  • Friends:
  • Former Lover: Raphael
  • Other:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:

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Biography / History Edit

Born of two warriors who serve Caliane, Avi and Jelena, Tasha played with Raphael in Amnat as a child and they eventually became lovers.

Tasha and her family didn't Sleep with Caliane, instead they stood watch over Raphael. She is a scholar and warrior who is first introduced in Archangel's Legion as part of Caliane's army.

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