The Falling — Occurred in Archangel's Legion

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The Falling is a horrific event that precipitated the War of Life and Death—and an early act of that War—in which hundreds of Angels fell from the sky without warning all at one time over the City of New York, over a four hour period. Just prior to the angels falling, birds fell by the hundreds.[1]

It is believed to have caused by Charisemnon. [2] [3]

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  • 887 angels — fell in total
  • four hour period
  • 802 were part of the 2,002 stationed at the Tower
  • 85 were non-warrior, visitors, couriers, etc
  • 5 casualties [4]


  • 314 required medical intervention for life threatening injuries—the rest have broken bones, need four weeks to recover

Out of three thousand normally in and around the city at any given time

Known Victims of The FallingEdit


  • Stavre: on first assignment—landed on a spier that pierced his heart and spine, only a hundred and fifty in age.[4]
  • Two: decapitation and heart damage falling into traffic
  • One: decapitation hitting sharp corner of building
  • One: shredded to pieces on a rooftop exhaust system

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Symptoms Before the FallingEdit

  • Sudden dizziness
  • Unconsciousness before they could land

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  • Aodhan accounted for those stationed at the Tower
  • Illium accounted for all visitors
  • Angels don't reproduce like humans, only a single child may be born in a decade.[1]

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8. Archangel's Legion Edit

Elena and Montgomery set up an emergency infirmary at the house. [5]

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