Xander — Mentioned in Archangel's Enigma.

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Xander is Rohan's son and Alexander's grandson. He is currently being fostered at Titus' court. [1]

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Rohan fostered Xander with Titus so that he could learn from Titus’s warriors. He is a stripling of two hundred, He is named Xander, after his grandfather, Alexander. Rohan and Xander’s mother were a pair, but she is likely gone in Lijuan's attack on Rohan's Palace. She lived in the palace with Rohan and would’ve fought beside him to the end. She loved him and together, they loved their son. [1]

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  • stripling of two hundred

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  • Warrior in training

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  • Warrior in training
  • due to his Grandfather's Status, Prince

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8. Archangel's Enigma Edit

Raphael informs Alexander about his grandson after he Wakes early from his Sleep because of an attack by Lijuan who attempted to kill him in Sleep—a strict taboo. She had just killed Xander's father and mother with her Black Rain, turning them to Dust. She almost killed Alexander the same way, but Raphael saved him with his power of Wildfire. [1] [2]

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