Yaviel — aka "Yavi" first mentioned in Archangel’s Storm

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Yaviel was a singer turned artisan. He made musical instruments of unequalled renown. Yaviel is part of one of the greatest angelic love stories along with Aurelani. Both he and Aurelani were born of warring families from different sides of the world. When he fell in love with her, the couple were forcibly torn apart by the hatred between their two families. It is rumored he survived torture to break into Aurelani's home and steal her away to live together in isolation - their location a guarded secret by a few friends. Yavi loved his wife more than anything in existence, but became obsessive and crazed. He drove off all of their friends with his bitterness. He murdered his wife in a jealous rage, then killed himself. That left Jason alone for decades.

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  • Yavi


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  • Singer
  • maker of musical instruments

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  • incredibly talented
  • wildly passionate nature

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  • handsome and strong

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